So do you have a new iPhone yet? Me neither. But as soon as the head geek’s fingerprint access device arrives in the post, I will be trading up from my battered and bruised iPhone 4 to a new to me iPhone 5! Very exciting. Almost as exciting as this week’s Hot UK Deals:

Sony NEX F3 with 18mm-55mm lens £249.99 at Argos

Hitachi 46 inch HD 1080p Freeview LCD TV £299.99 at Argos

SIM free unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 £220 from Tesco

Saints Row IV PS£ or Xbox 360 pre-owned £14.99 with code at Blockbuster

GTA V, Last of Us and PS3 500GB £199 at Tesco

Amazon Kindle Fire £99 at Amazon