Igbloo connects to the analogue or optical digital input of a non-Bluetooth hi-fi, allowing the user to easily stream music to their existing sound system from any Bluetooth music device. Now if you’re me you would have probably switched off at this point – I already have various do-dads that do that. And even if you don’t own as many as I do, you’d probably be aware that it’s already a full market. However what makes igbloo different is “how” it does this and “how well”.

Igbloo offers one-button pairing and NFC but its charm doesn’t stop there. Igbloo’s USP is it’s high end APT-X and AAC codecs coupled with its World-Class Wolfson DAC ( Digital to Analogue Conversion). Bluetooth sound is notoriously bad among audiophiles so innovating in this area really sets them apart.

The device has a super-high-gloss exterior and a rubberised base, so it’s designed to slot right in with your hi-fi.

The expected retail price is £65, and the creators are offering a variety of special priced tiers to Kickstarter bidders who will get the product before anyone else with 70 available at the super early bird special price of £40, and then 800 at £50. For those that cannot wait until January 2014 for their delivery there is an opportunity to bag one of the first batch in December 2013 for £85.

Check out the igbloo launch on Kickstarter