I love great coffee but the last thing I want when groggily trying to brew a cup in the morning is extended hassle of setting machines up, tamping grounds just right and cleaning are not the best tasks to complete in a 5 am haze – hence the popularity of pod systems and (urgh) instant coffee.

Krups however want to bring that simplicity to “proper” coffee and the new Krups Espresso XP5620 is a delight to use.


Everything is neatly housed in a smart modern design that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but rather blends into backgrounds of most modern kitchens. The water tank and coffee spoon are housed in a concealed section in the back.


The machine’s simple design speaks to its ease of use. There’s a power button and one dial – making it pretty much foolproof.

Obviously your main concern is the coffee, which is brewed in a quick precise fashion with great tasting espressos every time I tried. This is in line with most coffee machines in this price range – it’s the details that make me love the Krups machine.


The automatic tamping system works wonders. Rather than having to level off the coffee “just so” the machine mashes it down for you so you merely have to pile just enough coffee in and then crank it in.


The clean there’s one button at the base of the coffee holder to push out the cake (well a slight tap sometimes) making it ridiculously easy to clean. I made 5 espressos in a row with minimum fuss.

The Krups Espresso XP5620 is a fast and affordable way to make real coffee with minimum fuss. Out now from Krups