Are you a green fingered plant lover or more of an unintentional plant killer? I’ve killed off many plants in several half-hearted attempts to add a little colour to my balcony. There was a particularly hardy mint that made it at least a year in spite of my continued neglect, but most of my other plants have not been so lucky. If only there was a way they could talk to me and tell me when they need water, food and light…

Welcome to the future. The Parrot Flower Power monitors light intensity, ambient temperature, fertiliser and soil moisture. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, the Flower Power connects to your smartphone and helps you keep your plants alive with the help of a free dedicated application which has a library of more than 6000 plants, trees and vegetables.

Just ‘plant’ the flower power close to an indoor our outdoor plant and it will measure the soil conditions in a perimeter of 5 to 10cm around it. The data collected for your plant is stored in the Flower Power’s flash memory and regularly transferred via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet so you can keep tabs on when you need to water, fertilise or move your plant to a sunnier spot.

Available from November 2013 at Selfridges and amazon.