We’ve long been fans of the Livescribe range of pens – we were blown away when we were first introduced to the technology and have remain fans ever since. If you study, or are in constant meetings, a pen that records and syncs the audio with your notes and uploads everything to the cloud is nothing short of magic. Fortunately the wizards of LiveScribe are no slouches and are back with a new and improved version of their pen.

For starters they now look much better. They’ve always been wonderful devices but now they function a little better as pens – with a little less techno-heft and a much more rounded feel.

Livescribe 3 notebook pen

More importantly they’ve had a rethink about what the pen should be doing. The pen now syncs instantly via Bluetooth instead of WiFi and everything written on the custom stationary will appear instantly on your iOS device (support for other devices is pending). You can “pencast” recorded audio that syncs to your notes and covert your handwritten notes to create tasks, reminders, contacts and calendar events – making it an all round productivity boon. The pen retains access to Evernote – so your notes still live within a wider ecosystem.

Even if you don’t have an iOS device on hand the pen will store everything and then upload it once you connect them.

The battery still holds out for a solid 14 hours, which is hopefully longer than the longest lecture.And at £129.99 for the entry-level version it’s a solid investment for anyone who finds themselves being the designated scribe.

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