I’m an avid cyclist and zip across the capital whether it be sunny or gale force winds. I’m not very bright. If you’re a smarter commuter however you might be interested in trying the Xkuty, one of the more advanced eBikes on the market with full iPhone integration.

Beautifully put together, smart and efficient, I have a lot in common with Xkuty, which shares all my traits and more. The Fully Assisted Bike (which to my mind is very similar to a light moped) has great attention to detail across its all its parts – my favourite being the saddle which is carefully angled to be comfortable to mount and dismount – rethinking something that’s been a bike design staple for years. Xkuty moves silently through the streets without fumes – from the bike or your sweaty body, so it’s great if you’re rushing into the office and don’t want to turn up dripping (this happens to me 3 times a week).

Xkuty Seat

Charging (off any standard plug) will only take 3 hours and get you 100 km so it’s a perfect commuting vehicle. It’s also crazy light – between 42-46kg and easy to use with a one-button start that you can trigger from your iPhone.

iPhone Xkuty

But the app does so much more than simply turning the bike on. You can set the speed limit, monitor the battery or customise acceleration according to how you drive. Not impressed? You can set the app to detect when your Xkuty has overturned, call a phone number and use your automatic GPS tracking. That’s pretty damn fancy.

I’m an old school cyclist (and masochist), so I enjoy the sweat and grease of my cycling experience. If you are a normal human being, who just doesn’t want to be stuck on a bus or be stuck in traffic jams the Xkuty is a beautiful looking, albeit expensive alternative.

Xkuty (from £2800) is available to buy now, check out xkuty.com for more information.