Without putting too fine a point on it, be.ez really do make some of my favourite laptop cases and bags. They protect my devices, obviously, but they manage to go about this in such a stylish way that I wish they could dress me for work.

The new LA full cover for the iPad mini is no exception. Protecting the back of your iPad with polycarbonate hardback case, and the front with a coated canvas front cover and soft microfiber lining, I was perfectly happy to let my mini tumble to the ground with nary a concern for its wellbeing. Like all good protective cases the LA full cover doesn’t impede access to function buttons and the tablet feels just as good to use covered as it does naked. The automatic sleep/wake function that once felt like magic is now included as standard. The covers come in a range of colours too silly to list but if you head to the website you can catch an eyeful.

LA robe iPad mini and bag

If you have an LE reporter bag you’re in luck as the range has been designed to complement them. They’re also just great looking bags.

Out now for £29.99 (an iPad 2 version is out for £34.99) from be.ez.