Despite spending my youth as a massive nerd (both in size and nerditude), I found myself in gym-based situations with alarming frequency. More alarming, was the seemingly never-ending parade of twists, sprains and pains that worked their way across my body. So I’m intimately familiar with the smell of Deep Heat – like a Proustian Madeleine it takes me back to being an aching teenager in a locker room. I say small – I mean stench as it’s pungent stuff.

Deep Heat know this, and their new range of muscle rescue (which is sort of vaguely aimed at women) tackles this problem head on. The Muscle Rescue range have the regular Deep Heat warming magic but with added rosemary and vanilla fragrances, which are supposed to be both calming and uplifting.

The Deep Heat Neck & Shoulder Cream (which is literally healing pain in my neck as I type this) is designed for tight neck and shoulder muscles and comes with an easy, mess-free applicator. The fragrance isn’t overpowering, but it’s a welcome change from the Deep Heat of my youth.

They have also released a Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak, which eases muscle tension via a mix of electrolyte minerals and essential oils. It was great for post run/workout bathing, but also useful after a long day hunched over a keyboard.

For more information about the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue range head to Deep Heat


Rosemary oil has a powerful, refreshing and uplifting herbal aroma. It helps ease stiff muscles, reduce muscular stress and improve memory and mental clarity.

Vanilla provides natural warmth, so great news for stressed muscles as its warming properties help ease muscle tension. Vanilla also has aromatic and relaxant properties.

Electrolytes are a combination of atomised sea water, minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, iodine and chloride. They affect the amount of water in your body, your muscle function, and other important processes such as, the acidity of your blood (pH).

Patchouli oil has a rich, exotic, musky-sweet, spicy, herbaceous aroma. Patchouli is a relaxing, uplifting and sensual essential oil. It is used for fighting stress and anxiety.

Essential oil of orange has a sweet fruity smell and is used to create the feeling of happiness and warmth. The aroma of orange has been shown to help reduce anxiety and induce calmness and positivity. Added to a bath, it can help ease nervous tension and stress.