Nothing makes me feel older than hearing the phrase “landline” (with the possible exception of the phrase VHS). Despite countless hours on the phone as a teenage it’s now strictly reserved for customer service calls to 0845. Why do I bring this up? Well I’m on the hunt for a new broadband provider so am looking to change my landline as well.

Sadly not all broadband providers are created equal. In the early days of Sky Broadband, customer service was appalling. I can recount being on hold for ages and being made to restart my router (despite saying “look … I’ve already reset everything”) only to be told “oh there’s a fault on your line”. Something that should have been apparent at the start of the call. Especially as I was paying for it. And I should say that this happened more than once. It got to the point where we had to purchase a cheap phone from the market as we kept ending calls to Sky by slamming the phone down. We moved to Be Broadband and had many happy years of service … until Be became a victim of their own success and were bought out … by Sky!

So I’m on the hunt for a new broadband provider. But once again it’s a hunt for nuance – with lots of providers offering essentially the same thing. It can be a bit of a maze to navigate as a humble consumer. Fortunately we now have access to almost military grade price comparison websites. We also have a non-stop selection of people blogging on the topics with forums, and such. People seem incredibly keen on writing about the cheapest phone deals or the best place to get ones internet from. If there’s one thing that’s inescapable online, it’s someone else’s opinion. IMHO.

So if you’re on the hunt for a fresh phone and broadband package, why not try this?