Gaming isn’t just for the bearded man-child moping about your house – it’s also for actual children. However, despite being all about “play”, the current generation of consoles aren’t all that accessible for little ones. Hence, Kidzplay – a range of accessories specifically designed for kids aged 6 and above.

The range launches with the Wireless Adventure Game Pad – an ergonomic Playstation 3 gamepad, with eye catching colours that is designed to appeal to young minds. The pad is condensed so it can easily be held by a child without restricting access to buttons.

The pad has also been designed with a full knowledge of how gross kids can be and has a special anti-microbial additive providing lifetime protection against bacteria (99.9% of it at least).

And the range doesn’t stop there – featuring other fun items such as wireless steering wheels and headsets (with maximum volume settings to protect ears)

The market for kids games is booming – but what’s even better is that the quality of the games is also improving. I remember in the early 90s when publishers tried to push for “edutainment” – a noble goal that mostly led to joyless games with heavy handed messages. Things today have changed, and the quantity and quality of digital entertainment for young minds is impressive. Indeed Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity are great interactive video games predicted to be on top of kid’s wishlists this Christmas.

The Wireless Adventure Gamepad is out now for £29.99