It must be harder and harder for Q to come up with gadgets to impress James Bond with.

“Pay attention 007. This device contains a hidden camera and tape recorder.”

“Like my iPhone?”

Our ability to cram amazing circuitry into small spaces continues to impress at an astoning pace, with the latest entry in the canon being Find’em Tracking, the thinnest Bluetooth tracking device on the market. Designed with wallets and purses is mind, the tracker is about as thick as two credit cards and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to alert you if you are about to leave a valuable behind. The Google Maps integration will help you locate where you were last with your items, making it much easier to avoid losing things.

Find em tracking

I have a much more basic system in place at the moment and it’s already been a life saver on a number of absent-minded occassions. Find’em Tracking goes above a beyond with a number of advanced features. My favourite is Reverse Tracking – where a button on the card will make your phone ring if you’ve misplaced your mobile.

It’s also great for the frequent flyer as it can let you know when your baggage has exitted the carousel – reducing hassle and the chances of someone wandering off with your belongings.

To find out more about Find’em Tracking and to order the device, visit The app is available in the Mac App Store and Google Play store and works on the latest iOS and Android devices.