I was once voted worst dressed boy in sixth form (and most likely to be unemployed), so I probably the least qualified person to deal with an item as stylish as Griffin’s chic Harris Tweed range of cases for the iPhone. Even the box it comes in is fancy. Yet Harris Tweed has been the favourite of Hollywood icons, royalty and cutting edge designers.

If you didn’t know, Harris Tweed is crafted by hand without the aid of automation or electricity. The fabric is literally dyed in the wool, with separate pigments of wool carefully blended to special ‘recipes’ before being spun. Just one single yarn can contain several different colours in order to obtain the perfect tone or hue, each reflecting some aspect of the natural surroundings – heathers, mosses, lochs, mountains and sky.

Griffin’s new case is made from genuine Harris Tweed – spun, dyed and woven in the Outer Hebredes (anywhere else and it wouldn’t be Harris Tweed). As as case it’s nothing remarkable – just a decent protective shell that shields your iPhone from the outside world without creating too much bulk – exactly the sort of thing you’ve come to expect from Griffin. The tweed backing is robust and fun to stroke – although I did worry about and grubby stains that might build up over time.

Harris Tweed Wallet

If you are a little more practical, Griffin make a bi-fold Wallet case which opens like a notebook, with its inside cover revealing card slots and a cash pocket to keep cards, IDs and receipts safe.

The Harris Tweed wallet is out now in brown or black herringbone for £39.99 from Griffin.

The Harris Tweed Case is available in black or brown herringbone for iPhone 5/5s for £29.99 from Griffin.