Standing on the shoulders of giants may have been a terrible Oasis album but it’s also the basis of a lot a great innovation in the tech sector. App developers can levarage things such as smartphones to create incredible experiences in new and surprising experiences. One such experience is Ubooly – an interactive learning toy that went to see the wizard and was give a smartphone for a brain.

At it’s heart Ubooly is super simple – a giant plush toy that houses your iPhone and makes it into a cuddly creature. But the complexity of the system is obvious from the moment you set it up. Ubooly is customisable for your child – you have to set up the app to know your child’s name, birthday and interests – which you can update as your little one stops loving pirates and gets into ballet.

Lke the “edutainment” titles of the mid-90s Ubooly attempts to inform and amuse with a series of lessons and helper packs, However, unlike the edutainment packages of yesteryear there’s a good chance that your child might actually learn something – and enjoy it too. The customisable and interactive lessons help teach the Alphabet, Counting, Oceans, Space, French and much more. The team behind Ubooly work really closely with cutting-edge education experts and therapists so the experience is rich, rewarding and something that children will want to go back to again and agin.

Ubooly can tells stories, play games, sings songs and can interact with other uboolies. It can also speak different languages, change hairstyle be the imaginary buddy I never had when I was 8. Ubooly can even crack wise. It’s controlled via a Parent cloud app so you can determine what your child is seeing and hearing – which is a little weird but also quite reassuring if you are a parent.

Ubooly was created because the toy industry is broken. Big toy manufacturers are focused on the sale, but couldn’t care less about retention. Ubooly fosters a very different experience than what’s on the market, and I think parents will appreciate it as an alternative to other toys”.

Carly Gloge, CEO

Ubooly, £24.95 and available in Orange, Green and Pink.