Osprey are somewhat legendary in the backpack business for their robust, feature-filled bags and the Momentum 30 is a classic Ginzu knife “but wait there’s more” product.

There are a lot of cycling bags out there, with the Slicks 25 being one of my all time favourites. But the Momentum 30 had so many great cycling specific features I couldn’t wait to get out on the road with it.

My favourite feature was the lid-lock. I try to never ride without a helmet but it is awfully cumbersome to carry one with you through the day. I’d taken to just chaining it to my bike, but given that the cold wet days are upon us, this would often lead to me having to journey back with freezing damp head gear – which was less than pleasant. The lid-lock is an adjustable attachment that pops out and secures your helmet to the back of your bag like a limpet. It does make you a little more bulky it’s such a great innovation I’m surprised more bikes don’t have it.

My next favourite feature was the D-Lock storage. I have big heavy D-Locks are great at protecting the things in my back from ever looking nice. Osprey avoid this problem with a great pocket that keeps everything separated.

The Momentum 30 is great to ride with – partly as a result of the Airspace back-panel that stops the bag from sitting too close to your back and creating a hot sweaty mess behind you. The suspended mesh and moulded foam are a godsend. The straps are also super comfortable which is great on long journeys – especially as I have a tendency to overload bags like this (can’t resist with all those pockets). There are also support harnesses and a clever system of straps for load compression, so it’s easy to feel that you’re carrying less weight than you actually are.

The Momentum has everything you’d expect in a bag of this calibre – space for laptops, tablets, so many pockets for cables, puncture repair kits, space for a hydration pack and more that I forget. There’s a great space for keys right at the front with a retractable fob so you can access things without having to dig too deep. There’s even a rain jacket with space for you to dangle a light at the back.

The unit I was sent came in a highly visible orange but there’s also a more discreet dark grey.

If you’re a serious cyclist or commuter then this is a pretty unbeatable combination.

Out now for £85 from Osprey