Most tech is created with the question “what problem does this solve” but it’s great when creators take time to think “what problem does this create as well”. I have more gadgets than the average panda, which is amazing for my wireless networking and array of surveillance cameras but created an incredible tangled fire hazard of cabled and devices all waiting to trip up visitors to my house. Fortunately no one comes to see me but just in case I have a sudden surge in popularity, I’ve been looking at CableBin from the stylish guys over at BlueLounge.

The CableBin is a flame retardant, cylindrical bin that houses cable clutter, mains blocks, routers and more. It’s the sort of simple idea that once you see it immediately makes you go “oh of course!”

Cable storage units are nothing new, but the design of the CableBin is great – both in how it looks and how it works. The lid doubles up as a charging station, which is handy if you have multiple devices to juice – and given that you’re buying a cable bin, that’s pretty likely.

The CableBin comes with adhesive hooks, so you can stash surge protectors, routers, wireless network expanders and more along the side, elevated from the snakes pit of cables down below. The wood finish is done well enough to not look tacky and actually looks pretty good in my hallway.I didn’t test exactly how flame retardant the CableBin was but it’s definitely less of a fire hazard than it was before.

Style comes at a price (doesn’t it always) and the CableBin will set you back £70. You could always bundle your cables together with some cable ties … but you don’t do you? If you’re a super organised person you don’t need the CableBin. If you’re a little less disciplined it’s an cool way to clear clutter.

The CableBin is available in light and dark-wood finishes from a range of retailers, including Amazon, priced £69.99.