I’m writing this at the start of the London winter so have been plunged into a state of almost permanent darkness. To my rescue is the Peli 2720 LED headtorch – one of the more advance headtorches on the market.

Great for recreational and professional use, the 2720’s headline feature is its gesture activation. This means you simply have to wave your hand across your face to let your little light shine. I thought I would tire of the “novelty” of this feature, but I’m still doing it a week in to testing it out. Riding out in the cold it’s a great way to cancel light without having to remove you gloves. And if you have hands covered in bike grease of mud it keeps your unit clean.

There’s more to it than gesture activation of course and the 2720 delivers 80 lumens of brilliant white light. You can also vary the light output and at a high level the beam reaches 56 meters with up to 60 candela light intensity. Depending on what you’re looking at you can use the optical 4x magnification to switch from a powerful spot-focus to a wide flood beam. There’s a low level red light for night vision which can also be set to an SOS beacon if things go awry.

There’s a cloth strap that comfortably can sit on your head and if you’re riding around down there’s an easy to change over rubber strap that sits on your helmet without fear of slipping off.

Including batteries, the 2720 weighs just 110g and measures just over 6cm. Peli claim that you can get anywhere from 8 to 175 hours of run-time depending on light selection.

You can pick one up for just under £60 from Peli