In a world filled with Bluetooth speakers (I think I’ve reviewed 5 this week) it can be hard to stand out. The SuperTooth Disco 3 manages this firstly by coming in an eye catching candy pink, secondly by having a ridiculously long battery life.

The 12w speaker is defiantly shaped and can perch confidently in the centre of a room commanding attention. It’s only 546 grams so it’s not exactly heavy, but it is one of the bulkier speakers on the market so lacks the portability of your Bravens and Jamboxes.

The sound justifies the bulk however and the DISCO3 is very loud – certainly loud enough to startle me. It’s not the most bass heavy of speakers and it certainly favours classical and rock music over thundering dubstep drops but it’s a good all around performer – especially in gift-giving season (do you really want to arm your niece with a sub woofer?)

The other thing I love about the DISCO 3 is its battery life. If you’re blasting tunes at full volume you’ll only get 3-4 hours but if you’re a considerate neighbour playing at a moderate level you’ll be rewarded with 15 hours of playback time. That’s great acoustic and social engineering.

The DISCO 3 is available now in Candy and Clay from for £59.99 from John Lewis and Amazon.