NAD have been around for over 40 years so their entry into the in-ear monitor market it not to be taken lightly. The NAD Viso HP20 in monitors are designed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium in conjunction with British industrial designer David Farrage and have a unique bullet-in-your-earlobe feeling. That’s not to say they aren’t comfortable- it’s more they have a “let’s get down to business” feel as you strap them in.

And that’s exactly what they are for – the in ear monitor market is less about booming bass and artificially enhanced sounds and more about flat, natural sounds – perfect for mixing if you’re not in the studio or have to do some audio editing on the fly.

The ultra low mass high excursion 8 mm drivers contain lightweight Neodymium magnets, which you can hear in the faithful reproduction in both the high and low ends. I used them for a long train ride for some audio editing (working on some podcasts) and was delighted with how crisp everything sounded. Really helps when making hard choices about compression levels and EQ.

As you’d demand from headphones in the price range, the fit is extremely comfortable – aided by the selection of ultra-soft silicone gel tips, which really help enhance noise isolation. The flat tangle-free cable prevents frustration but also expands the shelf life on a big ticket item such as this which is so easily damaged. And unlike a lot of other in-ear monitors the onboard remote has 3 buttons so you have more playback control and access to Siri. These aren’t the sort of headphones you go for a jog in, but it’s great to be able to have a little extra control.

The NAD VISO HP20 is out now from Apple Stores for £129.99