Retro gaming is still a big thing and if you want a new 8 bit accessory for your wo/man cave then the Joystick Coat Hook is great addition.

I can’t really remember the last time I saw or used a joystick- it may well have been the late 90s. But there was a time when they were an essential part of gaming – especially in the arcade. I remember when they started working in various trigger buttons in all the handles for incredibly complicated flight simulators with hefty instruction manuals. And it’s this kind of evocative reminiscing that the Joystick Coat Hook is great for – you can stare at it on your wall and think back to happier times. Or the stupid little suction cups that used to be on the base of joysticks to stop them from flying off the table.

You can also hang your coat on it. The giant red knob is pretty sturdy and does a good job of supporting a medium jacket, light coat or hoody. If you had a serious sturdy piece of outerwear I would maybe support it elsewhere.

The wall-moutable Joystick Coat Hook also comes with three key hooks and a storage compartment for your small essentials and letters. It’s actually a good way to organise your day and I wound up storing items I would use for the next day, like headphones for testing or to-do lists.

Fun, practical and £15 which is really good value.

Out now from Menkind for around £14.99.