Like the ancient Japanese art of bushido and haute cuisine? Well my friend, the kitchen set you’ve been waiting for seemingly forever has finally arrived.

This is one of the dumbest things we’ve ever reviewed. It’s also one of the most fun. I’ve been grinning at the set in my kitchen for 2 weeks now. The four fully funtional knives look like samuari swords – down to the ceremonial presentation stand. I’ve yet to grow tired of unsheathing each blade like a warrior each and every time I slice a cucumber and I’m well into my 30s.

In the set you’ll find a Bread Knife (Blade: 210mm; Handle 116mm), Chef’s Knife, (Blade: 210mm; Handle 11mm), Utility Knife (Blade: 125mm; Handle 99mm) and Paring Knife (Blade: 90mm; Handle 99mm).

The blades made from steel with a hardness of 48-53 degrees HRC and despite clearly being a novelty item then are also decent for cutting and the rubberised handle actually makes for a solid grip when working through a loaf or slicing tomatoes.
Each knife is protected by a red sheath, which adds to a fun and also is a great way of keeping the blades clean and out of harm’s way. For a £40 knife set that’s good for chops and chuckles it’s a great gift.

The Samurai Kitchen Swords are out now from Find Me A Gift for just £40 (although it’s on sale now for £35).