We had a great time reviewing the Musical Fidelity EB50 In Ear Monitors – from their solid feel, wonderful flat response and the ability to just sit on a train and mix a track on an iPad is very liberating. Well Musical Fidelity are back … twice with the EB-33 in ear monitors and the MF100 on-ear headphones.

EB33 In Ear Monitors

The EB33s in ear monitors are very distinctive looking with flat, tangle free colour coded cables all targeted at making your life easier. The casing is also reassuringly solid – the large metal disk almost feels like you have a bolt in your ear. The included 9 ear buds makes it very easy to wedge a pair in and seal off the outside world to focus on your tunes – not quite the Etymotic level of custom moulded seal, but it’s a snug fit.

The inline mic/mute button allows you to take calls although I did at times reach down hoping to find volume and playback controls – more a force of habit as it’s something I expect all headphones to have. The solid metal cable splitter is robust and makes it feel like you have a tiny bullet around your neck. The cable wrap at the end of the headphones means you can always curl them up into a neat little bundle.

The EB-33s were designed to create a natural lifelike sound – without artificially pumping the bass for example. I found them to be excellent for pushing out a delightfully flat sound and great companion piece to the Korg Volca Series.

Musical Fidelity MF100

MF-100 On Ear Monitors

Looking at how well constructed the EB50s were I couldn’t help but wonder what the engineers would come up with when tasked with something bigger.

The answer is the sleekly designed, high quality MF100s, the soft touch frame and padded leather ear pieces of which happily stayed on my head for hours at a time. The padded ear pieces are delightfully squishy, yet breathable and even if you’re tweaking a beat for hours you don’t really notice its presence. The metal cup holders feel solid and add a nice touch of flair to proceedings.

Unlike the EB33s cable is a conventional rounded one – but tangle is much less of an issue with On Ears. The ear pieces can be rotated for slightly easier storage – but they’re not quite travel-lite or DJ-cup style. If you’re using them with a smartphone there’s an inline control but as with the EB33s you do sometimes miss having volume and playback controls.

The music is delivered through a sleekly designed, high quality headset that looks as good as it sounds. The soft touch frame and padded leather ear pieces or additional Alcantara® pads will ensure the most comfortable fit – allowing you to enjoy hours of perfect sound. Just like all Musical Fidelity products, the MF-100s aim to enhance the music, sounding more like you’re listening to your favourite artist in a live environment than through headphones.

The MF-100s drive units have been designed from the ground up to give a very flat and wide frequency response with low distortion – perfect for music mixing, audio engineering or editing and sequencing work. I spent a lot of time piecing together audio in Final Cut and it was a delight having headphone monitors I could trust when boosting the levels of mumbling actors.

The EB-33 headphones are priced at £79 and are available from Musical Fidelity

The MF-100 headphones are priced at £119 and are available from Musical Fidelity