You might know Swann for their security monitoring solutions but they certainly know you (for the exact same reasons). Branching out from security, Swann have taken everything they know about cameras and crammed it into the Swann Freestyle HD, a wearable high definition video camera. As an “alternative” sports enthusiast, I’ve spent my fair share of time using similar cameras for BMX, parkour, capoeira or just simply for making interesting looking shots for music videos. So I was interested to see what Swann can bring to a growing market.


The most obvious benefit of the Swann Freestyle HD is that is has a high quality detachable LCD viewer, which is a godsend. It’s pretty galling to risk life and limb to capture a great looking wallflip only to find your camera was pointing two inches two high, or slightly to the left. What’s even worse is discovering this after you’ve packed up and headed home. Being able to monitor footage on the fly and retake as and when needed is a god send.

The Swann Freestyle HD has 1080p and 3x digital zoom. Images are recorded at 30 frames per second and sound is captured in stereo audio. Included with camera is a wireless remote control (pretty neat) and a laser function so you know when the camera is filming without looking for a flashing light.

Like most cameras of this ilk the Swann can be worn on the body or mounted to a bike, skateboard etc with a range of interchangable mounts and brackets. It’s also housed in a waterproof case (up to 20 metres).

Swann Freestyle HD retails for £279.99 as a complete package including a variety of mounts, remote control, wall charger and LCD viewer normally worth £80. Available from Snow + Rock
For more information on Swann’s Freestyle HD please visit Swann’s website: