It’s a floor cleaner, carpet steamer, handheld steamer, window cleaner and clothes steamer. It does some of these jobs better than others. Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors was quick and easy with the added bonus of sanitising surfaces without any chemical cleaners. According to the manufacturers, the X5 mops kills 99.9% of salmonella and e.coli on contact.

I have no way of testing that, but the handheld steamer is like a magic wand against soapscum. A handy little brush attachment means no scrubbing, but that 1.6kg does start to feel a bit heavy after a while. The window cleaner was effective, but the squeegee left some streaks. So if your windows are filthy, its good for getting them clean without detergents, but use something else to polish up. If you’re really obsessed with shiny streak free windows, consider the Karcher Win Vac 60. As a mop, the extension handle can feel a bit flimsy and it’s probably not a good idea to be too heavy handed. I wasn’t very impressed with the carpet steamer. The salmonella and e.coli might be gone, but otherwise it just seemed like the carpet was a bit damp.

It’s quick and easy to set up and add the various attachments. If you can’t stand the smell of bleach and detergents or you’re just keen on being kinder to the environment, the X5 is a decent option but not the best value for money.

Available from Thane and Amazon for £99.99 and from QVC for £69.99.