I think if there’s one thing everyone is agreed upon, it’s that iPhone batteries are terrible. If you grew up in the era when you could let a smartphone battery go for a week without having to plug it in, the modern smartphone, despite being a technical marvel, is also intensely frustrating for the constant need for charging.
And whilst Apple’s move to the Lightning connector was bold, it was also deeply annoying, making all my spares obsolete overnight (I know. Woe is me).

I like to keep a spare battery on my person in case of emergencies (i.e. having to take more than 2 phone calls in a day) and I have a Lightning cable on me at all times. The best of these is the Scosche retractable strikeLine Pro. Extending up to 3 feet the cable tucks up neatly into a bag, rucksack compartment or pocket without any annoying tangle. The retractable mechanism works smoothly and there’s a handy reminder to pull both ends to stop it from getting clogged up. The cable is also nice and flat, helping to keep things neat and tidy.

The stikeLINE pro is £20, which seems like a lot for a cable but as they are indispensable (until the time when iPhones can last for more than half a day of actual use) they are well worth picking up.

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