Paranoid Orwellian conspiracy theorists will probably freak out at ScanMe’s new digital twist on the T-Shirt. Using clever QR technology that allows you to create your own personal barcode, the ScanMe interactive tee turns an outfit into a walking identity card. Hardly useful if you were wanting to stay “off the grid”.

Taking name tags to the next level, uses personalised QR barcodes to get people in the real world instantly connected online. Your unique ScanMe barcode stores your personal contact information and links others to your social network profiles with one quick scan on a Smartphone. So you could walk around with a big “Follow Me On Twitter” shirt on if your need for digital approval is at a similar level to mine. On a more practical level, these would be great at conferences where you could scan fellow attendees rather than exchanging business cards.

From as little as £9.95 you can choose an exclusive T-shirt design into which your personal barcode will be artistically incorporated. There are 16 different tee designs to choose from and ScanMe has teamed up with a number of top name graphic artists to design many of the collection.

Recognised graphic designer, Matt W. Moore, who has created custom design for the likes of Ray-Ban and Ford in the past, has designed ScanMe’s collectible “C.Y.O.B – Choose your own adventure” tee. Other designers include: the Rod Hunt Illustration Studio, which has worked with the Lightbox Museum and Gallery; Steve Cox, a renowned children’s book illustrator who was the approved Roland Rat artist and a joint designer on the animation series Count Duckula; and ‘Beach’ a professional illustrator whose work has appeared in books, magazines and newspapers around the world.

You can create your own personal QR barcode and get an interactive T-shirt over at or download the ScanMeBarcode app from the Apple App Store now to get started.