Thunderbolt is a curious beast. Aggressively fast it’s speed is such that it has evaded capture in most retail outlets. Blink and you’ll see that it’s vanished from most desktops. Which is a shame. Apple’s high-end data protocol has real potential to be mind-blowingly powerful – in a much wider range of ways than regular USB3.0. Buffalo know all this and are set to change hearts and minds with the DriveStation Mini Thunderbolt SSD edition (SSD-WAT), one of the world’s fastest portable storage devices.

The DriveStation Mini is no ordinary hard drive and features two SSD drives as well as two Thunderbolt ports. The interface transfer speeds are more than double those of regular Thunderbolt SSD drives and at least four times faster than USB 3.0, reading in excess of 760MB/s and writing more than 615MB/s. You can daisy-chain 6 of the fellows without blinking so much as an eyelid.

As you’d expect for a Mac transfer protocol the Thunderbolt based SSD-WAT also comes in a stylish, Mac-like design and is pre-formatted for OS-X. I am a creative type (and yes … we should be able to come up with a better term) and shooting DSLR camera footage in RAW or 1080p can really clock up a serious amount of data without really trying.

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The DriveStation Mini Thunderbolt SSD edition device is available via Broadbandbuyer at an SSRP of £599.99.