One of the best things about photos for me is sharing – it’s great being able to capture a perfect shot and the impulse to instantly go “look at this!” is strong. It’s why sites like Instagram are so compelling – you can see and share all the great shots that you encounter in your day to day and instantly get the feedback you desire. This is why the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras on sites such as Flickr – the ease of sharing. I take far more photos on my DSLR but lots of them stay on my computer, only to be seen on special occasions.

The Eye-Fi Mobi aims to bring this instant connection to your single lens reflex life as the wireless memory card instantly transfers photos and videos from cameras to smartphones and tablets. The Eye-Fi Mobi features a built-in hotspot so you can connect directly without needing an external wireless connection.

Setup is delightfully simple, with no computer, account or cloud needed. Just download the free Eye-Fi app for iOS or Android, enter the Mobi card’s unique 10-digit code, and the mobile device is paired. The same code can pair as many mobile devices as needed.

The Mobi card will retail for £41.99 for the 8GB card, £51.99 for the 16GB card, and £71.99 for the 32GB card.

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