Better living through science! Tefal’s Actifry lets you enjoy the taste of fries without all the calories. I don’t know anyone who uses a deep fat fryer to make their own chips at home, but if you’re one of those people, switching to the Actifry means you pop in your chip sized potato pieces, add a spoon of oil and 30-40 mins later you have tasty, crispy chips. If you use frozen chips, you don’t even have to add any oil to the Actifry because they’re already pre-cooked in the stuff.

It’s not just for chips though. I had a go at making roast potatoes and they turned out really well too – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And it’s not just potatoes either. My flatmate had a go at making courgette fries. Even though she forgot to put the mixing paddle in until about halfway through, they still turned out with that yummy fried taste. It also works well with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. Meat and fish are also pretty easy to cook. For example, you can cook up eight lamb chops with 1 spoon of oil in 20 minutes. All the removable parts can be put in the dishwasher so it cuts down on the clean up after frying or grilling things like sausages and bacon.

The Actifry is really quite simple to operate. Add food, add oil, set cooking time (remember to check that mixing paddle’s inside!). For a lot of frozen and oily food (like sausages) you don’t even have to add oil. There are several recipes on the Actifry website to try out as well. The only problem is the extreme temptation to live solely on chips – forcing you to have an honest conversation with yourself about will power.

The Actifry comes in 1kg (feeds 4), 1.2kg (feeds 5) and 1.5kg (feeds 6) versions.

Available from Amazon, Currys and Argos from £99. For more information visit