The Unmonday Model 4.3 may look a bit like a lampshade, but it’s a lovely handcrafted speaker that would make a very stylish addition to pretty much any room in your house. The distinctive hexagonal shape is not just for show. Simply reposition the speaker on a particular side to switch between front right, front left, rear right, rear left or centre speaker as the primary or to switch to mono mode – no pesky buttons! It’s super easy to set up. Built in wifi, no wires or pairing of wireless equipment and the software updates automatically.

Handmade by professional craftsman in Finland (in what used to be a Nokia factory), the ceramic casing provides a non-vibrating base and allows for strong wifi connectivity. It is portable and the battery gives you 8 hours of wireless listening. Plus you can purchase a very stylish leather carrying case for your Unmonday but it’s no lightweight, ie it’s quite a simple matter to move it from room to room or from the city pad to the beach house, but I wouldn’t recommend popping it onto your shoulder and pretending it’s a boom box.

The sound is great, as it should be for this price. It’s certainly not cheap and setting up a full surround system is only really an option for people with loads of disposable income. Available online at for EUR699. The leather case by lumi is EUR249.