There’s something amazingly precarious about holding hundreds of pounds worth of electronics in your pocket at all times that is a uniquely modern problem. It’s so easy to inflict so much financial damage to yourself simply by being out in the rain for too long, or being careless near large bodies of water. Next to smashed screens, “dropped in bath” where by ‘bath’ they mean ‘toilet’ is the number one killer of phones amongst my social circle.

Oliver Murphy, a 20 year old entrepreneur from Chelmsford, doesn’t feel that this has to be the case and and has brought to market “Reviveaphone” – a simple way to resurrect drowned mobile devices. Revivaphone is one of the simplest phone repair systems we’ve seen – it’s basically a dry pouch.

People will never stop dropping their phones down the loo

It’s basic to the point of concern but also surprisingly effective – Oliver supplied us with an old Nokia so we could try it out without jeopardising a valued iDevice. You seal the water damaged phone in a pouch with a chemical solution that removes corrosive mineral deposits from the motherboard and they leave it a tray for a day – and like Lazarus your phone is back in the land of the texting.

Everything is cheap and cheerful – the tray is plastic and flimsy and the solution feels like you’re immersing your phone in drain cleaner but this no nonsense, no frills approach is an honest and refreshing change in a tech world that can be overly glitz driven. And given that most phone repair services are shrouded in mystery and hidden charges, “bung it in a bag”, feels great to hear.

Reviveaphone was launched online last summer and soon began attracting around 200 customers a month on Amazon, Ebay and its own website. The solution works for pretty much any water-damaged item that can fit in the pouch – cameras, PMPs etc and has no shelf life so can be kept “just in case”.

As well as repairing mobiles and smartphones, Reviveaphone can fix other electronic devices that have come been immersed in liquid, including cameras, MP3 players and mini tablets. It does not have a shelf life, so can be kept in case of emergencies.
Reviveaphone is available for £14.99 from Reviveaphone