Connected living is a hallmark of the modern age and I get happy whenever all my devices are on good speaking terms. We first covered the Eye-Fi Wifi card a while a go and we finally got a chance to play with it.

Set up is really easy – just tap in the activation code on the back of the packet. Don’t lose the packet (I think I’ve lost the packet). I set my camera to save to both my high speed CF card and my SD card, took a couple of warm up shots and then connected to the SD card’s wifi SSID.

This gets slightly fiddly if you’re constantly jumping around between apps but you can just take a bunch of photos and have then beam over to the card in a batch. Photo transfer is almost instantaneous and you can see images in the app and your Photo library. You can share directly from the app into Twitter or Facebook or even print if you’re that way inclined. You can only beam over jpegs – my RAW images stayed where they were. Video transfer was slightly slower (as to be expected) but not unmanageably so and it’s great to have access to all your media and edit them instantly on your smartphone, or tablet.

In a way, there’s not a pressing need for the Eye-Fi. You could just wait a while and transfer images via your computer. Or use a cable. But the ease of use is delightful – it’s hard enough being creative without having a tonne of admin getting in the way and it’s easy to amass hundreds of great images and never actually share them with anyone. Eye-Fi is another tool to remove barriers between your art and barriers to people seeing your art and as a result comes highly recommended.

The Mobi card will retail for £41.99 for the 8GB card, £51.99 for the 16GB card, and £71.99 for the 32GB card. Pick one up now from Eye-Fi