It’s been kinda wet where I am and I’ve been cycling through seemingly endless downpours and puddles. It’s bad enough having wet ankles but it’s extremely troubling having notebooks get damp and borderline distressing when you’re cycling with a laptop in your bag. Fortunately, there’s always Aquapac.

Aquapac Messenger Bag

Aquapac’s Messenger Bag is an interesting, dare I say extreme approach to a waterproofing bike bag – reflected in the “Stormproof” moniker they’ve attached to the bag. The key to the bag is it’s four-tiered approach to waterproofing.

The outer shell seals with a water-resistant zipper, but that its then sealed with a rainproof roll-seal which is then sealed with Velcro closure. Am I’m not done as that is covered over with a Storm-flap with side-release buckle. Surely that must be it? You’re kidding right. Get through all that and you still have a removable sealed padded 15″ laptop sleeve.

The Messenger bag looks fairly simple, with a dull grey design and orange highlights and the understated look blends in quite well with most outfits I paired it with. The padded laptop sleeve has a couple of pockets for pens and such but there’s nothing too complicated going on there.

The shoulder strap isn’t flimsy – but doesn’t feel as robust as the rest of the bag. This has a weirdly beneficial effect of stopping you from over-loading the bag, so works out well for everyone involved. The padded shoulder strap is comfortable but nothing special. There’s also a little lash-tab where you can attach a bike light. On the outside of bag there are two ergonomic cushioned pads that take the pressure off your back when you cycle.

Out now from Aquapac for £95

aquapac toccaca

Acquapac Tocc0ca DaySack

Prefer rucksacks? The Aquapac Toccoca DaySack doesn’t have “I laugh in the face of moisture” written all over it, but only because it believes in “show, don’t tell”.

Also part of the company’s “StormProof” range, the Toccaca DaySacks are made from Tough 500D Vinyl, so you can happily take them in a storm shower, hiking or a bike ride through the city without damaging the bag. The roll-top seal can be adjusted in various ways, depending on how much you plan on stuffing inside – and at full extension you could easily travel with a full-sized baguette. You can opt for side (compression) or top (maximum volume) closure.

As with the Messenger bag, there are cushioned pads along the back of the bag, and there are chest and waist straps for additional support. The straps are made from a breathable mesh and feel light on the shoulders. They also dry fairly quickly, which is handy if you expect to be frequently doused in rain. There are two mesh side pockets for snack and more lashtabs and strap retainers than I knew what to do with. My favourite item on the list of features was stoic, “Grab handle, for grabbing.”

The hollow internals make this more a bag for stuff large items in, than a carefully compartmentalised commuter bag, but it’s more designed for “adventure” than it is for a journey to Clerkenwell.

Out now from Aquapac for £50