The booq boa courier is hands down one of my favourite messenger bags. It’s a extremely tough and has faced down any number of batterings from the London rain. It’s also really well designed – both in terms of looking great (almost too cool for me to wear) and having a dazzling arrange of pockets, flaps and compartments to house most things. But, although surprisingly spacious, it is still a tad on the trim side. So imagine my delight when Booq announced the Boa Nerve – a beefed up version of the boa courier – one big enough to carry shoes!

Like the boa courier, the Boa nerve, graphite has a strong, denier nylon exterior with water-repellent coating but also comes with an extremely durable, water resistant, rubberised bottom. I often pair the booq courier with my Rapha softshell jack as the water resistance on both items is spectacular.

However, it’s the capacity is really what makes the Boa nerve special. Aside from the obvious laptop compartment the main section has more than enough for a change or clothing, a pair of regular, non-cycling shoes and more.

booq boa nerve

And so many pockets! The various compartments border on the overwhelming. There are four loose pockets on both sides of the internal compartment, perfect for a book, or notes or things of that nature. But theres also a massive internal zip compartment that can perfectly house A4 documents. That’s already enough but on the outside of the main compartment theres a zip compartment (which itself has a tiny zip compartment that you could pop a phone or PMP into) that folds out to reveal a series of pen, wallet and other small item holders, as well as a detachable key fob. And that features yet another internal zip compartment.

Securing the main flap is done with Velcro and click fasteners, which is reassuringly robust and the front flap (of course) has another easy-access zip pocket. There are two easy access pockets around the side (sans-zips) and a trolley pass-through on the back to make long haul commuting a breeze. Of course this also doubles up as a zippered pocket for document storage when not in use.

The magnetic strap system on the Boa nerve, graphite makes switching from a loose to a secure fit really simple, whilst still offering full-length adjustment on both ends of the strap. Additionally, the included stabiliser strap provides an even tighter fit while on a bike or on the run.

It’s easy to get carried away with something as capacious as the Boa nerve – I had to unload a few times as the temptation to put everything I owned in the bag for an unmanageably bulky load. When you have a sensible amount of items however, everything holds in place nicely – especially with the cool magnetic strap system, double padded supports and stabiliser strap.

The Boa nerve, graphite is out now from Booq

For £132