During the launch of the iOS 7 and the A7 64-bit processor, Apple and Epic Games revealed the third instalment of the Infinity Blade series—Infinity Blade 3. With its amazing graphics and gameplay, it signalled that Cupertino-based developer wanted to cement their leadership in the mobile gaming space. To encourage more developers to invest in their new mobile OS, the Game Controller Framework was introduced, and it paved the way for the future of game controllers.

Recently, one of the first iOS-optimised game controllers was announced by Moga; the Moga Ace Power. Set to transform and give iDevice users their game on anywhere, the company wants to give what these gamers have always wanted; a tactile-like feel while playing. Now, they don’t have to cover the entire screen of their devices with their thumbs while playing. But, is it compatible with Apple’s smart device?

Designed for Mobile Gaming The A7 chip’s 64-bit architecture will be the benchmark for the future of mobile gaming. O2 confirms that this chip “delivers up to 2x faster performance,” which is what gamers are looking for. Coupled with the iOS 7 running the 5S, an AAA-rated game like Bastion will definitely run smoothly on this phone, and give mobile gamers a seamless playing experience.

Also, the Ace Power is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C, and the fifth-generation iPod. Unfortunately, iPad gamers will have to wait for a controller for their device.

Say “Goodbye” to Virtual Buttons

Designed after the modern game console pads out in the market today, mobile gamers can finally rejoice and say “goodbye” to those intrusive virtual buttons. They’re all gone now, and players can now focus on their favourite games. This also gives them the opportunity to get into the thick of things and dispel all the frustration of having their thumbs all over their devices’ 4-inch screens. For hardcore gamers who like first-person shooters like Dead Trigger, this controller is a definite treat. It basically features the following:

  • A D-Pad
  • A, B, X, and Y buttons
  • Two pairs of Shoulder triggers
  • Both the Left and Right joysticks

Giving gamers the ability not to touch the screen while playing can be strange at first, but again, this actually lets anyone see the entire screen. It gives users a sense of freedom to finally appreciate all the hard work invested by a game’s developers.

Room for Improvement

The Moga Ace Power is one of the first gaming peripheral to be released for the iOS, and it still has room for improvement. Although, it does include a 1800mAh battery to recharge an iDevice while playing it, the controller still feels like a “clunky, plastic toy.” Eli Hodapp, at TouchArcade, said in an article that “even in the best games, rough edges are everywhere when using an iOS 7 controller.” The Lightning Connector also poses as a limitation for this controller, which should be addressed by Moga. He also believes that Bluetooth technology will play a significant role in the future of these types of devices. It can definitely transform it into a better game controller in the future. Over time, it will evolve and become what gamers have always dreamed about.

Definitely, the developers are stepping into the right direction, and it will surely change how users consume their mobile games. Whatever innovations or surprises that lay ahead, Moga is ushering in the new dawn of mobile gaming.

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