Olloclip have been pushing the boundaries of iPhone photography for a while now with their range of add on lenses for the iPhone. Their latest range of Macro lenses lets you get up close, but no always personal. Like all Olloclip lenses, the Macro is a well made corner bracket that fits snugly over your iPhone lens. There are screw in lenses that alter the optics you have to work with – in the macro’s case you have three different settings offering 21x, 14x, or 7x magnification.

However the Macro takes things a little further with the addition of some translucent hoods that allow you to focus properly on your subject. Macro photography is tricky at the best of times so this was very handy, both for allowing the correct amount of light in and for stabilising shots.

As with all Olloclip lenses, getting them on is a tad fiddly – especially if you’re using a case as you will have to pop it off each time. Olloclip did try to work around this with the Olloclip Case, which features a special hinge mechanism for easy lense access but obviously not everyone invested in one of those.

Macro x21

Images captured with the lense were pretty impressive, especially considering the size of the optics involved. It’s not the same as using a DSLR (and you’d be bananas to expect that) but you can reveal wonderful levels of detail, especially at the centre of the image. You will get some distortion at the edges – especially as you increase the levels of magnification – but this isn’t a tool for serious macro work as much as it’s for fun creative opportunities with images.


Carrying the lenses around in the little bag (provided) can be fiddly for some people, but I’ve long grown accustomed to having all my iPhone photo accessories in a tiny pencil case for all my extra lenses, tripods, microphones and such. This also keeps things from getting lost (it’s an all or nothing situation with me).

macro x14

If you are wanted to get into up close photography this is significantly cheaper than investing in a DLSR lens and a lot of fun in its own right. It won’t blow minds, but is a great creative tool that keeps photographic choices accessible and affordable.

Out now from Olloclip.