Twelve South are a company of tweakers, with an eye for spotting great Apple products and tiny ways to make them better. The Compass Two is an update on their already excellent Compass accessory – this time remodelled to fit the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The compass is a very solidly constructed steel and silicone stand, built with enough heft that it feels like a clever concealed weapon from the Meiji era. It folds down neatly into a tiny carry bag so you can whip it out of your pocket anyway and set up camp.

All points of contact with your iPad and table top (down to the logo on the back) are coated in silicon to provide a degree of grip and to prevent scratching the back of your iDevice.

Despite being so sturdy, the Compass is a flexible device and can hold your table in both landscape and portrait orientations – designed to be ideal for watching video or Facetiming, respectively. The legs elevate the stand from the desk or kitchen-top so you can use the stand without fear of spills.

The Compass also has a third form factor, where you fold down a hidden secondary leg and position your tablet for typing. This is a handy feature but where the device falls down a little (oh the irony). Were I dishing out points, the portrait and landscape functionality would score a perfect 10, while the typing option is more of a 7/8. When it works it’s a decent typing experience but you do need to be quite delicate about placing the iPad on the stand and if it’s slightly offcentre fast typing can tilt the tablet off onto your work surface. Hardly life threatening but considering how well the Compass performs in other area, it deserved a mention.

Out now for £34.99 in iPad Silver, the ludicrously named Tactical Black and Candy Apple Red finishes from Twelve South.