Second screening is apparently the way many people consume TV these days – sofas across the nation are filled with people and their smart-devices looking up facts on IMDb or commenting across social media. One For All figured that if you’re going to be on your computer anyway you might as well us it as a remote control. We played with NEVO – an app/Wifi bridge that promises to unite devices and put you back in control.

The Wifi bridge is a tiny puck-sized black box that connects to your home network and you tablet, converting the wireless tablet signals into infrared beams. The actual unit is cheap and cheerful, but will live live hidden away from plain site behind some set-top devices.
The One For All database stores codes for over 300,000 devices representing 6,000 brands and is growing all the time – I had no difficulty finding my TV, DVD player or BluRay on the app. It also works with up to 80 devices so no matter how tricked out your flat is, things will work out.

All the standard remote control options are there – it’d be a shoddy remote control if it didn’t have an EPG for example. You can of course customise things so you can see all your favourites. There’s also One Touch Activity Control which will crank all the right gears into place to start multiple devices simultaneously – amp, TV, Roku streaming device and starting your movie going. Should save your thumb a fair few button presses.

The app design however, is a little … homely and whilst aping the stylistic layout of remotes made perfect sense, it wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at. Then again you are using it to bring beautiful images to your face, so it shouldn’t be too distracting. It’s a bit confusing as to why it’s not available on smartphones – the tablet implementation doesn’t really add much and a smartphone is more of a remote control sized device anyway.

There’s also an ethernet port at the back that enables you to get your Smart TV online (provided it has an ethernet port of course). This is a nice to have rather than essential, but did cut down on some cable clutter in the living room.

The WiFi bridge (URC8800) is available from Amazon, Maplins or direct from the One For All webstore priced £59.00.