If you spend a lot of time around questionable drinking sources, be they streams, street corners or just Streatham, you’ll want to take a look at the LifeStraw Go – an innovative take on hygienic hydration.

Whilst it looks just like a regular camel bottle, the LifeStraw has a chunky inbuilt filtration hollow fibre membrane that filters out 99.9999% of water-borne bacteria. You can literally scoop up a bottle full of murky puddle water and happily sip away thanks to the world class filter technology inside. After you’ve supped to your heart’s content you simple remove the top and blow through to expel the dirty water. It’s ingenious in both utility and simplicity.

There are even handy camel bottle additions like a lanyard for your hiking and a flip-top bite valve that prevents spillages. I tried out on some decidedly dodgy tap water and the filtration was powerful and impressive. I wasn’t quite prepared to head to a protozoa filled pond just for the purposes of this review but I did brave some old water that had been lying around for days and it was surprisingly palatable. For reasons of science that are beyond me, the LifeStraw can’t deal with seawater purification but for everything else it’s a pretty amazing portable drinking solution.

LifeStraw GO is £40 from Firebox