No matter how technically sophisticated scientific advances get, I’m still slightly in awe of magnets and can spend minutes at a time playing with them. It’s the simple childlike feeling of magic that they invoke that has an almost Proustian quality. The Scosche magicMOUNT system is equally delightful, with a simple efficiency that I found exceedingly pleasing to use.

Using a system of powerful neodymium rare-earth magnetic mounts the magicMOUNT is incredibly flexible and works with most phones, cases and set ups. The magnetic plate that you attach to your phone is unobtrusive enough to slip under a external case, or back of a battery, or on the back of a super rugged case.

The Mount side of things is equally flexible – there are attachments that fit your car windshield (magicMOUNT Window), one for charging in your car (magicMOUNT POWER), or a wall mount works in the office, kitchen or bedroom (magicMOUNT Surface).

The automotive-grade 3M adhesive backing means it’s easy to affix the mounting plate to any number of surfaces – brick, wood or even fridge. It’s also easy to re-affix the mount to a different surface. After both sides are in place (which is a matter of minutes) it’s a simple, easy system to use and reuse, and reaches that ultra desirable level in tech of “effortlessness”. If you’ve ever had the need to put your smartphone or tablet on the wall then this is the system for you.

Out now from Scosche