Are you a super villain staring intently at a bank of video monitors, tracking all intruders on to your evil underwater sea base? Surveys show that most of our readers are. If so you should check out the TruLink 3×5 Component Video Matrix Switch – pretty much the ultimate controller for high definition and progressive scan video sources. It can’t yet control the hatch above your shark tank but I’m sure they’re working on it.

The TruLink 3×5 Component Video Matrix Switch selector routes any of three source devices to each TV/monitor or one source to five TV/monitors so you can connect all your HDTV products including DVD players, Sky, digital, or gaming systems, and use the remote control or front panel buttons to watch any picture on any five plasma, CRT, LCD or projection televisions.

Additionally, the product offers three different input ports to try and accommodate the maximum number of popular devices. The three different input options are video inputs, stereo audio inputs or optical audio TOSLINK Inputs. This system has one single universal remote to control it or the system can be controlled by pressing the buttons on the front of the matrix switch.

The CablesToGo TRUlink Component 3 x 5 Matrix Switch is available immediately through retailers including Amazon from £162.43