For something that does so much, it’s amazing that Proporta’s Stephenson Satchel looks as good as it does. I’m very used to dealing with highly functional tech that is just plain ugly. And I’ve had to replace beautiful looking devices that fail to function – sometimes on a very basic level. Proporta’s Stephenson Satchel is proof that compromise isn’t inevitable.

This no-compromise ethos features on more than one level. For a start this is a laptop and tablet bag, with features that play heavily into both.

Stephenson Satchel lifestyle

On the laptop side of things there’s space for a 15″ laptop and some loose leave A4 documents. It’s not massively padded and there aren’t lots of compartments for USB keys and things. Then again it’s a very neat, minimalist bag for people so if you have knick knacks overflowing this is probably not the bag for you. My favourite feature on the laptop side was the pass-thorough port that enables you to charge without having to remove your laptop from your bag.

Stephenson Satchel open

The front of the bag features a detachable iPad Air case with built-in stand, angled perfectly for viewing. There are also sticky pads so you can attach a Bluetooth keyboard and type away. The case is reasonably protective – I wouldn’t want to bash against it but it can comfortably take a bump and maybe even a knock. The fact that it’s attached directly to the front of your bag is handy if you want to quickly check something, write a quick mail, or watch a short clip – all without fishing your tablet out of the bag.

As a bag the faux leather is pretty tough, and the magnetic closure poppers are easy to access and pretty secure. The carry strap is dinky but supportive – although this is not a bag I would overload. Which is my main criticism – this is a very pared down bag that fits perfectly with a digitally disciplined lifestyle. If you’re the sort of person who is slightly more thrown together and last minute you might seen to find something more forgiving.

Out now for £90 from Proporta