iPhone cases are like opinions – the release of a new iPhone creates a lot of new ones. Proporta are dab hands at the iPhone case game and have a range of options for all occasions – from checking your eyelashes to protecting from shotgun blasts.

Yes shotgun blasts. The carbon fibre-lined case has a protective flap that covers the screen when not in use and can apparently withstand shotgun blasts. Despite this protective layer, it’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t feel as bulky as similar cases.

There’s a nice little magnetic flap that keeps everything in place with a reassuring click, and a leather outer surface that feels protective without feeling tacky as some leather cases can It certainly doesn’t scream midlife crisis … unless I’m getting old.

Mirror case

If time is ravaging my face, I can check quite easily with the Proporta Shine Mirror Case. Like the Carbon Fibre this has a wrap around style cover and fancy magnetic flap. However the understated leather is swapped out for a vibrant glossy colour layout and a colourful lining.

Inside is a small mirror, which was quite dull and scratched on my review sample, but I assuming is nice and bright for regular members of the public. This had a lot more bulk than the Carbon Fibre case and felt a little uncomfortable in my jeans – although it does feel perfect for a purse. So if you have a purse i’s idea. Given the rage for selfies and the improvements in front-facing camera technology a mirror case seems nice to have rather than essential. Still it’s colourful and fun, and yours for only £25.

iPhone 5 / 5S Leather Case with Shotgun Tested Carbon Fibre Lining Collection

iPhone 5 / 5S Case with Mirror – Shine Collection