Castlevania has been going since the mid-80s but has long since shed it’s camp fun image and become a “serious” gaming title – well as serious as a tale of Dracula facing down Satan can be.

For fans of the franchise, a new coffee table book The Art of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from the award-winning journalist, former Content Editor of UK’s IGN.com and current Features Editor at Eurogamer – Martin Robinson.

The book features all sort of fun facts and trivia, fully fleshed art pieces and rudimentary sketches. There are fun casting snippits about Sir Ian Mackellan being unavailable for a role and suggesting Sir Patrick Stewart – but also lots of passages that dig deep into story. The concept art design is stunning in places and really brings to life things that might whizz passed in gameplay like the Mechanical Spider or the Ragdoll.

The book covers Lord of the Shadows and the upcoming sequel Lord of Shadow 2. It’s firmly in the hardcore fans only territory, but if you love a game enough to spend 50+ hours playing it, you should enjoy taking time to sit back and really explore the world you’ve been living in.

The Art of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow out now £29.99.