Singing in the shower is such a common trope it has its own Wikipedia page. If you want to add a little oomph to your bathroom ballads there’s the new Bluetooth Splash Speaker.

The tiny speaker is compact and feels quite robust – in part owing to the rubberised edge that surrounds both sides. As a lower end 3W speaker there’s a ceiling as to how good sound coming out will be. Fortunately for the Bluetooth Splash Speaker that ceiling is reasonably high and you can fill a room with tunes or vocals without unpleasant distortion. If you’re looking for thumping bass and sparking highs you need to look elsewhere, but performance can comfortably be described as decent.

The battery lasts for about 5 hours and is recharged via USB, whilst audio input is via an aux port, both of which are sealed with a rubberised water-resistant flap. There’s also a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, which is quick and easy to pair and useful for hands-free calls.

The provided lanyard makes it easy to hang the speaker in the shower, where the audio really benefits from the acoustics of the room. It’s water-resistant rather than full waterproof so I wouldn’t go crazy with the wetness but it’s fine for regular shower use and is padded enough that if you drop it there’s no need for panic.

At £35 this isn’t a main speaker for the serious audiophile, but as a backup speaker, especially as one that can take a bit of a beating, it’s a good pick. The Bluetooth Splash Speaker £34.95 from Gizoo.