As I’ve said many, many times I have a huge soft spot for be.ez bags – they make some of the most stylish laptop and tablet bags in the business. The new Littoral shoulder bag is a small tribute to the traditional blouse worn by seamen in Normandy and is made from an amazing thick cotton rust colour. The cutting shape on the front is apparently iconic, although I lack the requisite level of Francophilia to recognise it.

Aside from looking great, the 15″ shoulder bag has a host of a splendid storage options. There’s an easy access velcro slip pocket on the back and a zipped pocket on the front, so you have a reasonable amount of access before you even open the bag. The secured poppers are well made and old fashioned. I have a preference for magnetic fastenings but there was a satisfying click to these that almost turned me around. Opening up reveals yet another zip pocket and a front triple pocket organiser, whilst inside is yet another zip pocket. If you travel with a multitude of pens and paperclips you’ll be delighted.

On the downside is the modular nature of the bag. There’s no real protection for a laptop as it’s designed to work with a LA robe littoral 15 laptop case (or any laptop sleeve really). This seems like an odd choice – like most people I expect a laptop bag to have a degree of padding so opening up to just a space in the middle was a little disconcerting. Then again, it is a shoulder bag not a laptop bag, so they’ve been entirely fair – and the choice is probably useful. Another great bag from be.ez. Hardly a surprise to anyone.