My entry for understatement of the year is that London can be a wet place. If you cycle as much as I do, this can make the great outdoors a risky proposition for your electronic devices, which is why I am always happy to test out any waterproof bag on the market.

The Overboard Roll-Top Waterproof Messenger Bag, is a laptop bag built with water in mind. The IXP6 rated bag can handle quick submersion, and is ready to withstand downpours and splashes. It’s also pretty durable with unique high frequency welded construction and happy to keep your equipment both clean and dry in the face of dust, dirt and debris.

The key element of the bag’s ruggedness is its roll top. The fold seal system curls up thrice before being securely buckled into place. This is coupled with the environmentally friendly TPU and heavily padded internal walls should keep your laptop out of harm’s way. There’s a tiny zipped mesh pocket on the inside but otherwise it’s mostly a no-frills secure enclosure. There’s another zipped pocked on the front of the bag, covered by the flap, this time made from a weird rubber mesh and with the Overboard logo. Great place to stash keys.

The top of the bag had a super tough rubber handle, that just feels great to grip on to. One of my favourite features was the stabiliser strap which clicks around to keep the bag steady – super handy if you’re cycling as weight can shift really easily but also detach without too much of a fumble.

It’s a much firmer bag than the Aquapac stormproof messenger bag, which felt incredibly secure against the elements but surprisingly flimsy to hold.

A great bag if you’re into water sports, or challenging the elements. Maybe a tiny bit of overkill if you’re just commuting in and out of town – especially given the lack of conventional pockets.

Out now from Overboard for £70