I’ve never watched an episode of Tipping Point on itv. Well at least not until just now. As I type, I’m watching the latest episode on itvplayer. But this is all only after I went round to my friend’s place and tried out the 3 players mode with her flatmate. Much of trivia served as an alternative ‘Life in the UK’ test for me and my immigrant friends, but there’s enough variety to the questions to keep things interesting.

However, any excitement generated by the quizzing is really dampened by the snail like speed of the drop machine. The ‘extraordinary machine’ on the TV show seems to move a lot faster than the graphics version in the app. There is a bit of dramatic music, but without an commentary from an enthusiastic Ben Shephard it seems like a really long wait for those coins to drop. There really should be a way to speed up the action. Even Plants vs Zombies lets you make the zombies come for your brains more speedily. The slow speed is tolerable playing socially with a group of friends, but can get really frustrating in single player mode. But if you don’t have access to partners, neighbours or their flatmates you can still compete against Ghostdrop, Surfer and Rider – the AI companions provided by the game. 

If you’re a big fan of the TV show, this is sure to be an entertaining party piece or a way to kill time commuting to work. Tipping Point was made by Barnstorm Games in association with ITV and is available on iOS and Android Game for £1.49.