Samsung took us to the top of the Gherkin to check out their new HU8600 range of curved TVs. Bending flatscreens sounds like a marketing gimmick but deeper and wider viewing angle provides a shorter distance between the viewer and the corner – sort of like surround sound for your eyes. Curved screens have been in cinema for ages, and the range is, in a way, a continuation of Samsung’s attempts to bring a richer, more cinematic experience to your home viewings.

Our view? Having been burned on 3D TV and still not sold on the benefits of 4K, the leap to curved felt a bit much before the unveiling. However having experienced the quality up close … we’re impressed but not blown away. It’s definitely good – dare we say great, but it’s not quite at the mouth agape, eyes boggling, speechless level that the hyperbole would have you believe.

It is however a great new viewing experience – if you get the chance, spend a good amount of time really taking it in and feeling how immersive it can be. Samsung’s curved UHD screen provides higher levels of contrast and less external light reflections directed towards the viewer compared to flat screens.

The HU8500 range will be in selected stores now. For more information please visit