The market for wearable devices to make you feel bad about sitting around is booming. If there was a way to give your sofa bluetooth connectivity and then make it vibrate if you’d been sitting in it too long … *runs to patent office*

The UP24 is an update to Jawbone’s UP activity and sleep system. Now enhanced with Bluetooth Smart technology, you no longer have to remove the device to sync data with your phone, meaning it can be worn morning, noon and night (hence the 24).

The UP’s most distinguishing feature is its design. Several people have asked if it’s some sort of magnetic bracelet and the bright yet light wristband is mostly invisible as you go about your day to day activities. It doesn’t look quite as beautiful as the Misfit Shine, but feels miles better than competing bands from Nike or Fitbit. I’m quite active, but in unconventional ways (tumbling for example) so the slightly loose way the UP24 clips on to the wrist was less than ideal – but if you mostly walk, run and cycle you’re on to a winner.

The ability to track sleep and power naps with the touch of a button was also useful – especially as the UP24 only includes one, discreet little button. Sadly the design doesn’t let you monitor how you are doing through out the day, or any other metrics – one of my favourite things about the Misfit Shine was how it could double up as a watch. However the gentle vibrations that act as a wake up alarm, or reminder notifications are excellent.

There’s a little cap that pulls off to reveal a 3.5 mm jack. This connects to a proprietary USB charging cable that I will lose at some uncertain date. I’m not sure what the design reasons are for this – I would much rather something that works with everything as my house is littered with knick-knacks missing a tiny widget that have been unceremoniously left to gather dust.

A real positive is the colourful and informative app, which is available on iOS and some Android devices. The app syncs pretty quickly and has a great, bold visual aesthetic – perfect for knowing where you are in relation to your targets. It’s also fun to look back across a day and see how you’ve performed on an hourly basis and identify real slumps. You can also sync with other apps such as UP coffee and identify the effects of caffeine on your sleep patterns.

The UP24 band comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and two colours (Onyx and Persimmon), and is available now for £125 at, Apple, Amazon and John Lewis stores.