I’m blessed with access to a cheap vegetables for relatively low prices – I can pick up a massive bowl filled to the brim with ginger, or lemons for just a pound. The ability to have fresh fruit and vegetable juices on a whim is great, especially when I’m having a random bout of healthy living. So I was delighted when Tefal agree to lend me an Infiny Press Revolution – a new slow-pressing Juicer.

“Juicing” as a thing is clearly silly, but starting off the day with a freshly squeezed glass of something is pretty great. As the name suggests the Infiny Press slow presses juice rather than squeezing, which leaves more vitamins and minerals in the juice.

The imposing unit takes up a fair bit of tabletop space, not helped by the fact that it uses two jugs instead of one – one for juice and one for pulp. This does make clearing pulp pretty easy as you can quickly tip it into the recycling.

The other benefit of having all the byproducts pouring out into a jug is you can easily gauge the effectiveness of the system – the pulp has literally been squeezed bone dry.The unit runs much quieter than a regular juicer as it’s less about fast spins and more about brute force (just 70.2 dB(A) with the orange filter, for example).

However, there were two main headaches I ran into with the unit. The first was preparation. There’s something delightfully simply about chucking all my existing fruit into a big funnel with zero thought or effort. Having to chop things up to feed into the tiny chutes may not sound like a big deal (and lets be honest it’s not), but it was a tiny bit more fiddly than I would have liked.

More annoying however was the clogging. For all it’s heavy duty claims, my unit seemed to struggle with big green leaves such as kale, chard and even celery was a bit of a struggle. The pulp clogged the waste chute and the juicer ground to a halt and required a pretty intense de-pulping afterwards. To be fair, it is all dishwasher friendly so if I’d shelled out on a fancier kitchen set up I’d have fewer gripes.

Quibbles aside the machine does produce some pretty excellent juices, and has more versatility than your standard juicer, producing great smoothies, sauces, coulis and more. Just be prepared to occasionally get your hands dirty when you’re scrubbing the thing out.

The Infiny Press Revolution is out now with an RRP of £199 from Tesco, Littlewoods and John Lewis. For more information head to Tefal.